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Nu-World DJ Services


"The Thing" Club In Nashua NH
"The Thing" Club In Nashua NH

245 Main st. @ Dania's In Back (Across From CVS)
Nashua NH
(Front Door is locked usually after a certain time)
Head to the back, you'll hear the music on your way down the ally :)
Plenty of parking in the back and a parking garage nearby


The Thing, located in Nashua NH is a great place to hear great music. DJs from all over come and share theirs and bring the vynil to the floor. Hear all different styles and dance cultures, see Jeff and D-Rock slam the floor with the latest breakdancing there's also seats and tables to rest when you get out of breath from dancing, ...which we're sure you will. Huge soundsystem will make you feel the music as well as listen. Lights galore!!! See the floor as it looks like it's actually turning round and round while the dj slams you with audibly insane beats!!! Check it out, every Thursday Night behind "Dania's" across the street from CVS. The entrance is located in the rear, take the alley on the left of the building then take a sharp right and whallla, there's the door, 18+ requires positive id and costs only 10 dollars, 21+ with positive id get in for 5 bucks! starting time is 9PM so be there waiting at the door!!! Be sure to check out the other flyers on the way in and enjoy you're time here, bring lots of friends and only positive additudes. Closing time is usually from 1 am to 2 am. go home with a smile
DJ Chris Boncoddo


Dont forget to tip the dj since he's doing so much to make sure you all have a good time!!!