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Nu-World DJ Services
"The Thing" Club In Nashua NH


NU WORLD - DJ Services, specializing in todays global underground dance music provides customers with outstanding performance and many nights to remember. For Five years now, DJ Chris Boncoddo has mixed, produced, and remixed global underground dance music songs and performed in a number of many local clubs and partys. Combining skill and proffesionalism to take your engagements to a new level. Full PA System available for larger partys or for those who just want to feel the music. Starting rate is $200.00 per night, and PA pack price is added to the standard fee. 

MUSIC BACKROUND - Chris Boncoddo specializes in todays hottest Trance and House music spinning on 2 turntables and 2 cd mixers, with all subgenres in mind eg: Proggresive Trance, Deep House, Vocal Trance, Tribal, Acid Trance, Deep House, Goa Trance, and many many more. Email Inquiries today to find out availability, time slots, and price ranges @ or 


Standard Fee Per Night $250.00 (Turntables, CD Mixers, Mixer and Library of music)
Standard PA Package $ 300.00 (equipment useage, setup and breakdown time, and milelage all included in package)

Let DJ ChrisBoncoddo take you to another world of dance music with his technical mixing ablilities and enthusiasm. His love for the crowd shows in his mixes.

Booking and all other info please email or